The UroPal III urostomy pump system has been developed to perform the following functions:
a)    Provide a gentle and safe negative pressure inside the hydrophilic catheter to assist the flow of urine and mucus out of patients that have Mitrofanoff urostomy access to their urinary tract.
b)    Maintain a closed system while the bladder is being drained to prevent operational spills.
c)    Improve sanitation for the patient and their surroundings. Simple rinsing of the equipment with tap water will improve the longevity of the pump and prevent urine smell on the patient.
d)    Give the patient the ability to urinate in privacy and have a detailed understanding that, though they may be different from other humans, they have control over their own bodily functions.
e)    Give the patient consistent results with a simple to operate and an inexpensive solution to their individual condition.

Testing and use of UroPal by Mitrofanoff Urostomy patients over the last five years has shown the following results:
a)    UroPal may minimize the need to irrigate the bladder as often. Some patients have not needed to irrigate at all due to their particular urological chemistry and physiology.
b)    UroPal seems to minimize the formation of stones and infections by removing the offending causes before infections and sediment coagulation can cause further problems.

The UroPal mechanism can be modified to give your patient the exact configuration that best suits their individual urinary tract needs.  Our engineering department can tailor the specific configuration to your needs by coordinating with you and your physician.


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Purchase your easy-to-use and affordable UroPal System from Warren Innovative Technologies LLC in Fayetteville, North Carolina. With more than 10 years of experience, we designed and manufactured a device called the UroPal III, used to gently vacuum urine, mucus, and sediment with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved catheters.

We use only USA-made medical grade components. To our knowledge, no one has created a similar device that performs in an effective manner. The product makes the disposal of urine and the subsequent cleanup process simple and very clean while providing the patient some independence and freedom.